Name Phone Number Affiliation
Asoodeh, Mike
Vice Chair
985-549-2314 University of LA System
(Southeastern Louisiana University)
Ballinger, Andrea 225-578-1553 LSU System
Courtney, Beth 225-767-4201 LETA/LPB
Fagbeyiro, Gabriel 225-771-5091 SU System
Fields, Gene
Chief Technology Advisor
337-482-9246 University of LA System
(UL Lafayette)
Howze, Dickie 225-342-7105 Governor’s Office
(Division of Administration)
Leger, Lonnie
LONI Executive Director
225-578-8391 LONI
Lovince, Thomas 504-671-5627 LCTCS
McConnell, Sherri
Chief Economic Development Advisor
225-342-9005 Louisiana Economic Development
vacant LAICU
vacant LSU System
Ramachandran, Ramu 318-257-4304 University of LA System
(La Tech)
Ramanujam, Ram
Chief Scientist
(225) 578-7877 LSU System
Setz, Eric 225-308-4392 LCTCS
Uma Subramanian 225-342-4253 Board of Regents
Tran, Leo 504-988-8514 Tulane
Vincent-Finley, Rachel
225-771-4484 SU System
Wong, Noel 504-988-8500 Tulane